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Tampa, FL 33624
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Children learn through their play.

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At Playtime we provide the materials to enrich that natural learning process. Our activities and crafts center around the theme of the month and encourage critical thinking and creativity.
Our personnel are trained, as teachers, to guide children toward their own self-discovery with hands-on fun. Young children learn best by doing. Learning requires active thinking and experimenting to find out how things work, and about the world in which they live. Children need to explore daily with all their senses. Exciting development occurs as children play and this play becomes the foundation for academic learning. Play is the work of young children.
Playtime Learning Academy encourages children to be active learners who are not afraid to try out their ideas. Our goal is to help children learn through play and to become independent, self-confident learners. Playtime alternates structured and unstructured activities throughout each day. Our teachers help children to develop the ability to learn, not just in school, but throughout their lives.


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