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Julie Banks, director, has a Bachelor's degree in education and Spanish from the State University of NY at Geneseo. She also has a Master's Degree in education and language arts from Syracuse University and a Master's degree in Educational Administration from the University of Texas. Mrs. Banks has worked as a teacher since 1991 and we are pleased to have her as a leader of staff development and educational policy at Playtime.

Emily Brushwood, director, has a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood education from Auburn University and a Master's degree in Elementary Curriculum from the University of South Florida. Mrs. Brushwood was previously a teacher in the Hillsborough County School system and we are pleased  to have her creativity and enthusiasm as she leads our curriculum development and center design team.

Sheena Kohls - Ms. Sheena has been teaching at Playtime since 2002 and she has a rare talent for easing the transition from home to preschooler. She exhibits extreme patience, kindness, and creativity every day. She has great ideas to increase children's independent thinking and loves to do art activities with her students. Their 3D artwork adorns the classroom in an impressive manner. She has a proven record of academic success with her innovative teaching. Miss Sheena has her CDA (child development associate certificate). She also has specialized curriculum training and a Director Credential. In addition to her outstanding teaching, Ms. Sheena serves as a teacher mentor at Playtime Learning Academy.

Rita Rosado - Miss Rita has both her CDA as a child development specialist and her Administrator Credential to lead in a child care setting. She is currently working on her degree in education. Her experience as a teacher and as an administrator is a great asset to the Playtime family. She has a classroom environment in which children can easily manipulate their learning tools because everything has a place and a purpose. She teaches the whole child in everything she does. Her children grow academically and socially by leaps and bounds. Although Miss Rita is a preschool administrator, her primary role at Playtime is as a teacher and a mentor. This is the role she has chosen and by the smile on her face each day; we all know it brings her great joy. Any child would be lucky to grow and learn with Miss Rita.

Tracey Jenkins - Ms. Tracey earned her CDA in early childhood education in 1993 and has been working with children since 1989. She has a talent for family involvement that extends beyond our classrooms. She knows how to make parents feel comfortable and stay involved in their child's learning, two goals that are essential to the Playtime Learning Academy mission. In addition to working as a teacher mentor, Ms. Tracey is also an administrator working as a director for our school in the main office. She has more talents than we can list from all of her years of experience as a teacher, an administrator, and a mother of three.

Gina Haddad - Ms. Gina has earned her CDA in early childhood education and working in childcare since 1999. In her many years of experience she has learned the value of working closely with parents and honoring the individual needs of each family. She is creative in developing discovery-based learning for children and comforting their transition from home environment to classroom environment. Her room is a marvel to behold, full of 3D art and special projects by children. Kindness and patience are at the core of everything she does. She meets every challenge with a smile and a positive attitude and has experienced tremendous success with children as a result.

Ashlee Hemby - "Ashlee Hemby" has her AA degree and will soon have her Bachelor's degree from the University of South Florida. She brings many skills and talents to Playtime Learning Academy. Her classroom is always a buzz of activity as she seems to easily match the endless level of energy her young students have. Miss Ashley has the unique talent to simplify the school readiness learning by teaching with fun hands-on discovery projects. She is extremely detailed and pays attention to individual needs of her class and the school program as she plans out each week. She is also an excellent communicator with parents, which is very important for young learners.

Ovita Dove – Miss Dove, has been working in childcare since 1992. In addition to her CDA in early childhood education, she has specialized training in guidance, behavioral science, emergent literacy, special needs education, and administration. She has an open heart and a kindness of spirit that is contagious. Her caring ways and sweet singing voice are a few of the things that parents remember most about her creative classroom. Her organization and dedication to children are among the many qualities that make her uniquely suited to the complex environment of a toddler classroom and greatly appreciated.

Susan Culumber - Ms. Susan has Bachelor's Degree and has been working at Playtime since 2012. She has worked with many different age groups and ability levels from special needs children to advanced learning gifted programs. She has a unique ability to assess children's individual needs and work with small groups to advance learning for each child. She is kind, patient, and loving. Her classroom is always full of wonderful examples of open-ended, creative play-based learning.

Ania Reytor - Ms. Ania earned her Associates Degree in early childhood education in 2015 and has been working with children for many years before that.Parents appreciate her loving manner, flexibility and the time she spends listening to their needs. She has a family focus attitude that helps ease the home to school transition for younger children. Her many years of experience and her patience help her to foster her students' growing independence and encourage persistence as they move toward more challenging goals.

Yadira Rivera - Mrs. Yadi has her CDA (child development accreditation) and has been working at Playtime since the start of 2011. She has grown with Playtime, starting as an assistant teacher and working her way up to a lead teaching position. Her firm, but friendly teaching style leads to a wonderful learning environment where children feel safe and loved every day. Her strong work ethic and positive spirit keep the class always on target toward reaching their preschool learning goals. She can always be seen smiling and laughing as she helps her students grow through discovery-based learning.

Phylicia Clarke - Miss Phylicia has her CDA (child development accreditation) and has been working at Playtime since 2009. She has a kind, gentle personality, but knows how to gain the respect and cooperation of her students. Her extensive sports background and creative energy make her a favorite teacher among Playtime children. She can often be seen organizing and playing games with the children. Her constant encouragement and social interactions with children lead to growing vocabularies and increased critical thinking among her students.

Teaching Assistants - Playtime Learning Academy has a staff of twenty dedicated professionals. Each lead teacher has an assistant teacher or in some cases several assistant teachers that help accomplish our goals. Playtime Learning Academy is an academic school and child care center, but in many ways it is like a family with each member of our staff playing a valuable role. We are very fortunate to have such a well-trained dedicated group of professionals assisting in the classrooms.



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